• Muhammad Yusuf Institut Sains & Teknologi AKPRIND Yogyakarta
  • Beny Firman Institut Sains & Teknologi AKPRIND Yogyakarta
Keywords: PPK, IST AKPRIND, students, entrepreneurs, tenants


PPK (Entrepreneurship Development Program) is a scheme of Community Service programs from the Ristekdikti managed nationally through DRPM with the aim of fostering entrepreneurship programs among campuses. With this activity, students can hone the entrepreneurial spirit, improve soft skills by being directly involved in the world of work, increasing the courage to start a business and get support in integrated mentoring. The existence of this KDP program is expected to be part of the community that can create jobs, reduce unemployment and become a change agent for community life that is more empowered and useful. The output of this activity is the training that can increase the capacity of tenants (students) in the field of entrepreneurship and the improvement of product quality for tenant businesses. The results obtained from the PPK activities at the AKPRIND Yogyakarta Institute of Science & Technology in 2018 were successfully in charge of the birth of 8 tenants as new entrepreneurs 1) VALHALLA GEOSERVICE: Thin section petrography preparation services and earth sample analysis as an effort to capture minimal long-term geopreneurship business opportunities competitors in Yogyakarta for students of geological engineering, 2) Courses in "CAD", 3) CLOWYBLANKERT.OP-BAG, 4) Inokreasi Kain Khas Nusantara and Export Quality Geo Batik (Gothic Crete) with Brand Armella Vogue for Preservation, Education and Existence of Culture Facing the Era of the Economic Community of Asea (MEA), 5) Portable Multifunctional Combination Table with Coolingpad Based on Ergonomics Aspects, 6) Computer Accessories as Traditional Technology, 7) COVARIAN COFFE: Cafe Statistics Data Consultation as a Cool and Educative Training and Learning Center, 8 ) Turkish Raincoat (Cover Finger and Feet). The realization of a new entrepreneurial incubator (Inwub) PPK Institute of Science & Technology AKPRIND as a center of entrepreneurship in the development of entrepreneurial culture and the realization of an entrepreneurship capacity building system for students