DHARMA BAKTI https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma <p>Jurnal Dharma Bakti, adalah media publikasi hasil kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat yang dilakukan oleh para akademisi. Jurnal Dharma Bakti terbit dua kali dalam setahun pada bulan <strong>April</strong> dan <strong>Oktober</strong>.</p> LPPM IST AKPRIND Yogyakarta en-US DHARMA BAKTI 2723-4878 PELATIHAN ROBOT LINE FOLLOWER ANALOG BAGI SISWA SMK TKM TEKNIK PURWOREJO https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3477 <p>The curriculum in many schools is adapted to technological developments. One of the<br>increasingly sophisticated technological developments in the era of the industrial revolution<br>4.0 is robotics. Along with the shift in the direction of the world of education, which is<br>synchronized with technological advances, the SMK Taman Karya Madya (TKM) Purworejo<br>Engineering intends to provide the ability, skills, knowledge, and competencies or students'<br>love for robotics technology. This community service aims to provide an introduction or<br>training that is packaged in the form of a day workshop to be able to attract the interests<br>and talents of SMK TKM Engineering students Purworejo to know the basics of robotics,<br>hardware components, software, and to design robot hardware and software especially Line<br>Follower (Line Follower Robot). The results of this activity students are able to understand<br>the basic components and concepts of line follower robot programming and can also make<br>or assemble a line follower robot module well, as evidenced by the operation of the robot<br>that is assembled by students. The formation of a new robotics team at SMK Taman Karya<br>Madya (TKM) Purworejo Engineering as preparation in facing similar national robot<br>competitions.</p> Muhammad Andang Novianta Beny Firman Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-03 2021-05-03 1 6 SOSIALISASI ANALISIS PENYEBAB BENCANA LONGSOR DESA SIRAU, KARANGMONCOL, PURBALINGGA https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3496 <p>In the rainy season, land movement disasters are common in vulnerable areas. In<br>November 2020, there was a landslide disaster in Sirau Village, Purbalingga. This<br>phenomenon needs to be continuously informed to the public parties in order to minimize<br>the risks and losses as little as possible. This community service activity aims to provide<br>socialization and understanding to government officials and the community about landslides<br>at the location. These activities are using methods of literature study, field surveys and direct<br>discussion in the field. The landslide disaster in Sirau Village is interpreted as being caused<br>by several factors, including: morphology, lithology, geological structure, weathering,<br>rainfall, and land use</p> Sachrul Iswahyudi Asmoro Widagdo FX Anjar Tri Laksono Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 7 17 PENDAMPINGAN PENGELOLAAN PAJAK BERBASIS APLIKASI BAGI UMKM DI KOTA PALEMBANG https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3497 <p>The main problem for MSMEs in fulfilling tax obligations is a lack of knowledge<br>and adequate human resources in completing administration in the taxation field. The<br>purpose of this service is to provide assistance in tax management using tax application<br>provided by the DJP. The method of implementing this service is socialization in the form of<br>presentations to MSMEs and assistance in the use of tax applications to MSME employees<br>in Palembang City. The result of this service is an increase in MSME understanding of<br>taxation and an increase in the ability of MSMEs to use applications in the field of taxation.</p> Muhammad Hidayat Lukluk Fuadah Abdullah Saggaf Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 18 25 ENGLISH COURSE SEBAGAI MEDIA PENINGKATAN SUMBER DAYA MANUSIA WARGA BR. BABAKAN CANGGU https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3498 <p>This community service activity aimed to improve the quality of human resources<br>which was carried out by means of English language training. This English training was<br>packaged in the form of an English Course / basic English training. This program was<br>initiated thanks to the collaboration between the educators themselves and the Br Babakan<br>Canggu community, and the Canggu language consultant to prepare human resources who<br>are ready to compete in the world of work in the current 4.0 era. This English course /<br>training was held for 4 months at Br. Babakan Canggu North Kuta, Badung. The persuasive<br>method is a method used in the learning process. The training provided to the participants<br>included basic level English language training and Indonesian language training for foreign<br>speakers. All English language training participants were very enthusiastic in participating<br>in the English training process which was held in collaboration with the language and<br>community consultancy agency Br Babakan Canggu, North Kuta, Badung. The process of<br>English training provided to Babakan, Canggu residents is based on sincere sincerity.</p> I Made Juliarta Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 26 30 PENERAPAN K3 LISTRIK PADA PEKERJAAN PEMASANGAN PEMBANGLIT LISTRIK TENAGA SURYA (PLTS) https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3499 <p>Work security is the supporting elements that support the creation of a safe work<br>atmosphere, both material and non-material. Occupational health and safety (K3) in the<br>business world and in the industrial world must be carefully considered by all workers in<br>their scope of work. The implementation of K3 is one form of effort to create a workplace<br>that is safe, healthy, and free from environmental pollution, so it can reduce accidents at<br>work and increase work efficiency and productivity. Work safely from electrical hazards.<br>Because safety is the top priority in every job. Electrical accidents occur due to carelessness<br>or lack of understanding of electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to work<br>safety to increase readiness for electrical hazards and other potentials that may arise on the<br>job. Some things that need to be considered in work that uses electrical equipment, such as<br>developing an attitude of responsibility for personal safety, get used to maintaining<br>cleanliness in the work area from material dirt, and use Personal Protection Equipment<br>(PPE) properly and correctly. The results for three days training showed an increase in<br>participants' understanding and participation of the use of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA)<br>method and the application of K3 Electricity in carrying out work.</p> Syafriyudin Muhammad Suyanto Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 31 40 PEMBUATAN KOMPOS BAGI GURU DAN ORANG TUA MURID TK. QURRATA A’YUN DI CIMAHI https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3500 <p>There are so many resources but cannot be utilized optimally. One example that is familiar<br>with our lives is household waste. This waste can be used as fertilizer but can also be<br>recycled as an improvement in the community's economy, its management is very easy and<br>simple. Organic waste in the form of leaves, stems of plants that can be processed aerobic<br>and anaerobic in composter produce organic fertilizer called compost. This research uses<br>the method of mixing ingredients in a composter by using the EM4 microbe as an activator.<br>The results of this study indicate that goat manure has an effect on speeding up the process<br>of compost. It is shown by the change in color and maturity of the compost at 25oC –30oC<br>on the 21st day.</p> Tiara Nurhuda R. Kiki Abdul Muluk Tombak Gapura Bhagya Galu Murdikaningrum Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 41 46 PERANCANGAN KAWASAN WISATA DI DESA SELOHARJO BANTUL https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3501 <p>Community service activities at Seloharjo Village aim to encourage the community<br>to develop a model of the Tourism Village area that has historical potential for tertiary<br>institutions and provides economic prosperity to local communities through the Community<br>Partnership-based Design Services Program. Problem solving is used as a method in the<br>design process for the development of new products for rural tourism destinations carried<br>out by universities in terms of providing Design Services. Community service is expected to<br>help accelerate the achievement of the Bantul Regency RPJM, and Seloharjo Village. The<br>output of this activity is a masterplan for developing tourist villages with historical potential.<br>The focus of this activity is to solve problems in the rural tourism sector in order to have<br>competitiveness and improve the socio-cultural values of the community.</p> Yustina Banon Wismarani Fabiola Chrisma Kirana Analisa Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 47 56 PELATIHAN SENI HADRAH DI SMP SULTAN AGUNG SEYEGAN SLEMAN YOGYAKARTA https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3502 <p>Hadrah is one of the Islamic art of music that has its own characteristics. This music is<br>usually played during celebrations or Islamic holidays such as the Prophet's birthday, Isra<br>'Mi'raj, Islamic New Year and so on. However, it is unfortunate that this tambourine art has<br>very few enthusiasts. Ironically, if we ask the younger generation today, most of them say<br>they don't know, but if they ask about any online games they know and understand. This<br>situation is very concerning, one side we are advancing in the world of digital technology,<br>on the other hand we experience a local cultural crisis, especially local Islamic culture. To<br>anticipate this, we, through LPPM AMA Yogyakarta, are called to provide training in the<br>art of Hadrah to students of SMP Sultan Agung Seyegan Sleman as a form of community<br>service. The hadrah training is carried out once a week on Monday afternoons as a form of<br>extracurricular school activities. The forms of training are (1) training on tambourine hitting<br>methods, (2) training on combining various tambourine sounds, (3) vocal training for<br>sholawatan. Through this activity, it is hoped that harmony will be built between students so<br>that they can stay in touch with each other, and create Islamic character education in<br>students.</p> Hidayatullah Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 57 66 PEMANFAATAN MARKETPLACE MEDIA SOSIAL SEBAGAI SARANA PROMOSI PRODUK UMKM PADA KELOMPOK INFORMASI MASYARAKAT KABUPATEN BANTUL https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3503 <p>The growing development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), especially<br>with the presence of the internet has an impact on various aspects of life including trade.<br>The rapid development of online stores has made some social media develop marketplace<br>features as a means of buying and selling transactions. Marketplace with a wider market<br>reach and no time limit makes it a good choice in marketing products. Providing knowledge<br>on how to market products via the internet can provide the community with ways to promote<br>products through marketplace features available on social media. The implementation of<br>community service carried out at the Communication and Information Office (KOMINFO)<br>of Bantul Regency aims to provide knowledge to the community on how to promote Micro<br>and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME) products through social media. From the results of<br>discussions with administrators and the Village Apparatus Operators (VAO) representing<br>the Community Information Group (CIG) in Bantul district, the community does not yet know<br>much about how to promote MSME products in each village through social media.<br>Therefore, through this community service activity VAO representing CIG in Bantul district<br>is equipped with ways to promote products through social media.</p> Renna Yanwastika Ariyana Prita Haryani Erfanti Fatkhiyah Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 67 76 PROGRAM KEMITRAAN MASYARAKAT BAGI KELOMPOK KADER TENGGUH MASA NEW NORMAL DALAM PEMANTAUAN IBU HAMIL DENGAN PEMANFAATAN BUKU KIA DI WILAYAH PUSKESMAS MULYOREJO KOTA MALANG https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3504 <p>One of the main investments in health development in Indonesia is human resources.<br>In its implementation, it is manifested in the form of disease prevention (preventive)<br>activities, health promotion (promotive), disease treatment (curative), and health recovery<br>(rehabilitative). However, early 2020 there was a pandemic of COVID-19 infection that can<br>affect anyone. With this condition, it is possible to have an effect on the high maternal<br>mortality rate (MMR). Therefore, this condition requires physical, physical readiness,<br>especially for pregnant women and children who are categorized as susceptible to infection<br>and require close supervision 'in the COVID-19 pandemic situation, on the other hand there<br>is a limitation of almost all routine services including health services. maternal and neonatal.<br>The situation above, can cause pregnant women to be reluctant to go to puskesmas or other<br>health service facilities for fear of contracting, the arrangement of pregnancy examinations<br>and classes of pregnant women with health protocols, as well as the unpreparedness of<br>services in terms of personnel and infrastructure including Personal Protective Equipment.<br>This service activity is carried out by means of online training with this community service<br>partner is Puskesmas Mulyorejo Malang City, where the target target of this training activity<br>is health cadres. The purpose of this activity is to carry out a partnership program with the<br>target of monitoring pregnant women using the MCH handbook. The results of this<br>community service activity were the formation of tough cadres during the pandemic and<br>increased knowledge of health cadres' skills in monitoring pregnant women using the KIA<br>book during the Cofid-19 pandemic</p> Suprapti Reni Wahyu Triningsih Didien Ika Setyarini Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 77 85 PELATIHAN PEMBUATAN SABUN CAIR UNTUK PERABOT RUMAH TANGGA DI PATOSAN, MAGELANG, JAWA TENGAH https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3505 <p>Dishwashing soap is a viscous liquid that can serve to clean kitchen utensils. The<br>demand for this product is expected to increase along with the daily lifestyle of people. In<br>the market, there are many dishwashing liquid soap products. However, some peoples did<br>not realize that it is easy to make this product by ourselves at a lower cost. On March 1,<br>2020, at Patosan Village, Sedayu, Muntilan, Magelang, Central Java, we conducted a<br>training program to make liquid soap. This activity aims to improve liquid soap knowledge<br>and make it an alternative to getting liquid soap for dishwashers whis is cheaper than the<br>liquid soap products on the market. In the future, this activity is expected to be an inspiration<br>for entrepreneurship among the villagers. This training was carried out with a presentation<br>from a trainer and the practice of making dish soap. The activity was then continued with a<br>question and answer session with the trainees. Explanation of training materials could run<br>smoothly. The PKK’s women group were enthusiastic about this training. The result of this<br>training is liquid dishwashing soap and its economic analysis.</p> Ani Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 86 92 SDIDTK PADA POSYANDU BALITA DI DUSUN CEPIT PENDOWOHARJO SEWON BANTUL YOGYAKARTA https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3506 <p>In Indonesia, early detection of toddler growth and development can be monitored<br>by checking the SDIDTK (stimulation detection and early intervention for growth and<br>development) at the posyandu. The number of children under five in Indonesia is<br>approximately 23,960,31. In Bantul district the level of community participation in<br>weighing at posyandu was 80,61%, above the 80% target. However there are still some<br>people who do not bring their children to be weighed at the posyandu, So the authors carry<br>out SDIDTK activities at posyandu toddlers in Cepit Pendowoharjo Sewon Bantul<br>Yogyakarta which will be held on Sunday, 15 december 2019 at 09.00 WIB by using a<br>measuring and examination tool in the form of a KPSP questionnaire that runs smoothly,<br>marked by the presence of 100% participants, namely 30 people, toddlers with 28 people<br>with growth and development and 2 doubting growth and development and have gained<br>knowledge of how to prevent, overcome and their effects.</p> Pri Hastuti Linawaty Jacobus Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 93 102 PENYULUHAN BERBUDIDAYA JAMUR SKALA RUMAH TANGGA UNTUK IBU-IBU DASAWISMA DUSUN TOTOGAN DESA MADUREJO, KECAMATAN PRAMBANAN, KABUPATEN SLEMAN, DIY https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3507 <p>Household industries that are engaged in the percentage of the agribusiness sector,<br>especially mushrooms, are still relatively small compared to those engaged in other sectors.<br>This has become one of the factors for entrepreneurship to improve people's welfare,<br>especially housewives. Mushroom cultivation does not require much capital and by<br>understanding proper maintenance procedures will decrease the failure rate of mushroom<br>cultivation. With an average harvest age of 2 weeks since planting, the optimal processing<br>will quickly generate profits. This community service aims to provide counseling about<br>mushroom cultivation on a household scale, by knowing the process of mushroom cultivation<br>using automatic mushroom incubator, types of mushrooms that can be consumed and the<br>benefits of mushroom cultivation. The expected results of this activity are Dasawisma women<br>RT.06 Kampung Totogan, Madurejo Village, Prambanan Subdistrict, Sleman Regency, DIY<br>can play an active role in efforts to rise living standards and also improve community<br>welfare by cultivating mushrooms using household scale automatic mushroom incubator, so<br>later it will create a household business in the field of agribusiness.</p> Aji Pranoto Muhammad Andang Novianta Cyrilla Indri Parwati Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 103 113 PENINGKATAN PENGETAHUAN TENTANG KOSMETIK DAN ALAT KESEHATAN YANG AMAN DI SMKN 57 JAKARTA https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3508 <p>In modern times, people can easily find various types of cosmetics and medical devices<br>ranging from cosmetics used to apply makeup, whiten faces, maintain body odor to safe and<br>comfortable ways to deal with menstrual periods. Most people buy cosmetics without<br>knowing what content is contained in these cosmetics. Even though not all cosmetic-based<br>brands are safe. As a form of practicing the Tri Darma of Higher Education, the Health<br>Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health Jakarta II Diploma III Pharmacy and Food Analysis<br>Study Program carries out Community Service (PKM) activities with the aim of increasing<br>awareness of the importance of selecting safe and correct cosmetics and medical devices for<br>SMKN 57 students Jakarta. The method used in this community service activity is lectures.<br>Activities are carried out online and follow-up activities are evaluation of activities and<br>preparation of activity reports. The results of the pre and post test showed that 40 students<br>experienced an increase in their post test scores, and each of 6 students experienced a<br>decrease and no increase in their post test scores. However, this PKM provided an increase<br>in students' knowledge of safe medical devices and cosmetics (p &lt;0.05).</p> Latirah Siti Rahayu Rachmawati Junie Suriawati Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 114 119 PENINGKATAN MOTIVASI DAN HASIL BELAJAR SISWA MELALUI MODEL PROBLEM BASED LEARNING BERBANTUAN MEDIA VIDEO TUTORIAL DI SMK NEGERI 2 MAGELANG https://ejournal.akprind.ac.id/index.php/dharma/article/view/3509 <p>The low motivation and learning outcomes of class XI AKL 3 students at SMK Negeri 2 Magelang in the 2019/2020 Academic Year when participating in the Computer Accounting training course. Classroom action research (PTK) consists of two cycles. The first cycle of learning the PBL model was assisted by video tutorial media based on LCD projectors, while in the second cycle the learning of the PBL model was assisted by mobile-based video tutorials. Each cycle consists of four stages of research, namely planning, implementing actions, observing, and reflecting. The research results were analyzed using comparative descriptive followed by reflection. Comparative descriptive is done by comparing data on initial conditions, Cycle I and Cycle II, learning motivation and learning outcomes. The results of this study indicate that: First, learning the PBL model assisted by video tutorial media can increase learning motivation to analyze trading company financial reports in class XI AKL 3 students in the 2019/2020 academic year. The results of this study indicate that student learning motivation increased from the initial conditions 72.22% to 89.97% in the first cycle, and to 97.22% in the second cycle, or in the final condition increased by 25% from the initial conditions. Second, learning the PBL model assisted by video tutorial media can improve student learning outcomes Analyzing Commercial Company Financial Statements for class XI AKL 3 students for the 2019/2020 academic year. It is proven that the percentage of student learning completeness increases from the initial conditions of 61.11% to 80.56% in the first cycle and to 94.44% in the second cycle or in the final condition, it has increased by 33.33% from the initial conditions.</p> Siti Rokhana Copyright (c) 2021 2021-05-07 2021-05-07 120 127