Penerapan Teknologi Pengelolaan Modal Kerja Sebagai Upaya Meningkatkan Pendapatan Toko Bahan Bangunan Di Bantul


  • Linawati STIE Widya Wiwaha Yogyakarta
  • Ary Sutrischastini STIE Widya Wiwaha Yogyakarta
  • Sofiati STIE Widya Wiwaha Yogyakarta



working capital, financial management, income, building shop


The existence of a building shop in an area has an important role in serving and meeting the
needs of the local community for building houses, renovating, and other building activities.
Likewise, building shops in Bantul Regency have a no different role. The problem is in
managing the building shop business, most of the financial reports, especially working
capital, have not been managed properly considering that this business is generally a
hereditary business, so that its management is done traditionally and manually. The purpose
this article is to report the results of Community Service through increasing self-capacity by
presenting the Building Shop Working Capital Management Training in Bantul Regency. To
represent building shops in the Bantul Regency area, this research used 2 building shops as
samples. There are three stages of the training method used, (1) providing material, (2)
practice and mentoring, and (3) monitoring and evaluation. The target and outcome to be
achieved from this program is to produce entrepreneurs and company managers who have
knowledge and understanding of financial management, especially working capital
management, so that they can make financial administration and financial documents
properly which in turn can increase income optimally.