Pelatihan Tes Penalaran Logika untuk Para Guru SMA Wangon Banyumas


  • Noeryanti Institut Sains & Teknologi AKPRIND Yogyakarta



Academic Potential Test, Wangon, High School


The Academic Potential Test (APT) is one of the requirements for honorary
teachers at Wangon 1 Senior High School (SMAN) to become permanent teachers, therefore
the leadership collaborates with the Statistics Department to conduct PKM to provide the
APT training. This program aims to provide refreshment to honorary teachers in
preparation for the Academy Potential Test (APT). The material was given under the title
Scholastic Potential Test (SPT) Logical Reasoning Training for Teachers at Senior High
School (SMAN) 1 Wangon Rancabanteng, klapagading, Banyumas, Central Java. The
implementation of this training is in the form of sifting the practice questions given. After
the training, the content of satisfaction and suitability of the material was given to the needs
of the participants. Most of the results of the training content are in accordance with the
needs of the APT material. Participants hope that this training can be carried out
continuously until they pass the APT exam. The time allotted for the implementation of the
training is less, participants hope that in the future the time allocation will be carried out
once a week in a month so that there will be more discussion of practice questions.